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Azure Dreams

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Azure Dreams

Beitrag von Gameoptimierer am Do März 17, 2011 8:47 pm

Stand in any corner and repeatedly press Triangle + Circle.

Press Triangle + Circle to skip your turn very
rapidly. This is similar to being paralyzed, except you can get out of it
at any time. It will recover health, but it will also bring monsters
closer. Use it with caution

[color:9133=blue ! important][color:9133=blue ! important]cheat
There are patterns in the race track that determines who wins.
Save [color:9133=blue ! important][color:9133=blue ! important]the [color:9133=blue ! important]game at mother's house, then go to the track. Buy ten tickets on
any selection. Start the race and do not do anything. Find out the outcome
of the race, reset, and return to the race track. Look at the odds of the
previous race. Bet 10 tickets on that race. Start the race and do not do
anything. Since the outcome will be the same, you should be able to pick
out the winner when you purchased the tickets.

[color:9133=blue ! important][color:9133=blue ! important]Easy [color:9133=blue ! important]money
Use the "Racetrack cheat" to get enough money for a
casino. Then, play the slots. With careful timing practice, you should be
able to stop each reel on "7" (jackpot). Watch the reels and
count each time the 7 spins past to get the correct timing. The
"7" appears at fixed intervals. After getting the correct
timing, bet with the maximum amount of money for each spin to quickly
build your total.

Build a casino and go to the
room with the big spinner. Bet a gold piece on blue. This can be tricky,
but if you master this you will get unlimited money. Press X to
jump when the blue goes out of sight on the right hand corner. Note: You
may have to press a little before or after to get the correct timing.

Hidden items:
A monster named Barong will occasionally be encountered In the
tower. Stand next to it, and throw an item at it. It will eat the item and
spit out a completely new one, including special items found nowhere else
in the game. One such item is a crossbow that can be used by troll
monsters. Other things that may appear include uncommon items like blue
and red sands. If you do not want the item that the Barong creates, simply
pick it up and throw it back at the creature again. This may be done
several times before the Barong refuses to eat.

More rare items:
To get more rare items, just put three rare items of the same
type in your safe, such as Red Sand or Mazarr Seeds. When you go in the
tower, they will appear more frequently.

Use the "More rare
items" trick to get more of the Blue and Red Sands. These upgrade
your swords and shields. Also use the trick to get more Wind and Water
Stones. The Wind Stones will get you out of the tower and the Water Stones
will fully restore your pets MP and HP. Remember to have a backup sword
and shield in your safe in case you die in the tower.

Blue Cape Of The Famous Blue Warrior:
The Blue Cape Of The Famous Blue Warrior is on the 21st floor.
Bring it to the woman in charge of the bar and she will close it for a few
days. Then, Vivian will come to your town.

Guy's ghost:
You will occasionally see Guy's ghost on the 39th floor.

Monster Collar:
The second Monster Collar is on the 12th floor.

Oil Pot:
The Oil Pot is on the 15th floor. It is in one of the rooms.

Water Medal:
The water medal is in the possession of a White Picket on the
25th floor.

Defeat Beldo easily:
Have Kewne present and fight Beldo at level 40, on the top
floor. When your character's life is about to run out, Kewne will offer
your father's sword. Use the sword to kill Beldo in about three hits.

Long distance fighting:
Instead of sacrificing a familiar, you can also throw an Oleem
at a monster. This way, the monster disappears. The only downside is
sacrificing experience, but it still is a nice trade for a life. This
trick also works for Wind Crystals. However, a Wind [color:9133=blue ! important][color:9133=blue ! important]Crystal does not work
on all creatures; only either a high leveled or water-based creature will
catch damage. To throw the item you have, press Circle + X
or lift up a creature or item in front of you. In the items menu, you can
lift an item from the bag by selecting "Have". Some creatures
can be picked up and thrown as well. Remember, whatever you throw and hits
will disappear -- be careful if you have rare items in your hands.

Easy level ups:
To level up a monster easily, take it into the tower with a
high level monster, preferably one that can support itself on floors as
high as 20. Once you reach floor 20 or higher, take out your weaker
monster and set its AI to 2 so that it will follow you. This way, your
strong monster will kill the high level monsters, and your low level
monster should gain 10 levels easily, depending on how long you stay.

Send out your strongest
monster(s) and have it/them fight the battles for you.

Pita or Medicine upgrade:
If you have a Pita or Medicine and your magic or health is full
(Pita for magic, Medicine for health), you can add an extra point to your
bar. For example, at 100/100 magic, a Pita will make it 100/101.

Sword secret:
Your father's sword can sometimes turn the monsters you defeat
into [color:9133=blue ! important][color:9133=blue ! important]eggs.

Item duplication:


1. Take a Picket, Manoeva,
and a rare or desired item into the tower that you wish to duplicate.
2. Take them both (Manoeva and Picket) out at the same time.
3. Have Manoeva turn into the Picket.
4. Then, have the Manoeva steal the item that you wish to duplicate.
5. Bring Picket back into the bag, and Manoeva will turn back into
itself. If done correctly, the item will still be inside Manoeva.
6. Take Picket back out, and turn Manoeva back into Picket.
7. Have Manoeva vomit up the item.
8. Return Manoeva into the bag. If done correctly, it will still have
the item inside.

Repeat steps 6 through 8
until you have enough of the desired item. This trick also works with
weapons, balls, herbs, other various items, eggs, and the Ultimate Egg.
However, the Ultimate Egg is like coins. If you step on it, it
disappears; you have to pick it up instead of walking on it.

Picket in disguise:
Do not throw items that make a monster disapear on the high
levels. It could be a picket in disguise. This will freeze the screen and
force you to restart. This is also the same with items; do not cast a
spell on them as it will have the same result.

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